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Advanced, Adaptable and Future-Proof Security


Expandable and Wireless to cover as much of your home as you prefer - even out buildings


Remote Access Possible via an Easy To Use App - Set and Unset Whilst Away from the House


Pet Friendly Detector Options


No Wires, No Fuss - a Fast, Efficient and Non-Intrusive Installation


Priced to Suit Any Budget


Trusted Security Providers for Over 30 Years


Add HD IP Cameras - use the app to view inside your home should an Alarm Activate

Selecting the right system for your home couldn’t be simpler.


Select which package suits your needs and budget from our Gold, Silver and Bronze Systems:

System Type Bronze Silver Gold
Security Panel with Integrated Key Pad 1 1 1
Separate Arming Station 1
Key Fob 2 2 3
PIR Sensors 3 5 7
Door Contact 1 1 2
External Bell Box 1 1 2
External Dummy Bell Box 1 1 2
Digi WiFi Modem 1 1 1
NSI Certificate 1 1 1
Smoke Detector 2
Carbon Monoxide Detector 2
Supply and Installation Cost (including VAT) £600.00 £700.00 £1600.00

Want to add internal or external CCTV Cameras onto the alarm system to view from your smart phone? Contact us for CCTV tailor made additions.  


Add any further items to expand your chosen Bronze, Silver or Gold system as you feel you need:

Additional PIR Detector £75.00 (including VAT)
Additional Pet Friendly PIR Detector £85.00 (including VAT)
Additional Door Contact £70.00 (including VAT)
Additional Dual Tech Sensor £90.00 (including VAT)
Add Shock Sensor £90.00 (including VAT)
Add Carbon Monoxide Detector £95.00 (including VAT)
Further Bell Box £135.00 (including VAT)
Add Smoke Detector £85.00 (including VAT)
Additional Alarm Fob £60.00 (including VAT)


Decide how you wish us to maintain, service or tend to the installed system.

Packages Maintenance Maintenance & Monitoring
Annual System Maintenance Check
Engineer’s Telephone Response
Approved Alarm Receiving Centre Connection
Emergency Contacts called if alarms
Daily Monitoring Check
App Access Included
Monitoring Call Costs Included
Battery Changes as needed Included
Supply and Installation Cost £80 per year £25.00 per month

If you wish to secure pricing, find out more or place an order, simply complete as below:



MaintenanceMonitoring & Maintenance

Click SEND to submit your enquiry and our sales staff will be in touch in order to formalise your quotation in writing.


  • As client you must provide a non switched fused 240v spur outlet adjacent to the location for the alarm panel with integrated key pad, unless the Company’s engineer has been requested to fit this device by the Customer and this has been noted on the Quotation.
  • Maintenance is subject to a single payment in advance and automatic renewal annually thereafter if not cancelled by the client 45 days prior to the renewal date.
  • All installations are subject to completed order forms and installation payment before an installation date can be agreed.
  • Whilst all quotations are formalised in writing, installations are subject to survey by an engineer.
  • The mobile App is available to all system installations – this is either contracted through Scorpion Security as a part of the annual maintenance agreement (included in the quoted price) or can be contracted directly with the manufacturer at their stated costs (as of Oct 2018 this rate is £36.00 per annum). Please note that the system must use your own broadband supply to enable any remote connection.
  • You are advised to read our terms and conditions in order to fully understand them – submitted with the formal proposal – prior to undertaking any agreement/s.
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