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      Our Thermal Camera System from Hik-Vision visually monitors persons entering a premises showing immediate results (within 0.2 degrees) therefore helping prevent a virus being carried directly into the environment such as an office, factory, restaurant, school or otherwise.

      With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and expected ongoing variants there has never been a more important time to temperature check staff, guests or pupils for signs of infection when entering a populated environment. The potential impact of someone entering a populated area showing a high temperature, and therefore carrying infection, can seriously impact productivity due to absence as proven throughout the pandemic.  

      The system consists of One Thermal Camera, a Digital Recorder and a Monitor installed with any required floor, wall or desk mount brackets. Installation, software, training and ongoing support is included and additional thermal cameras can be added to the system at other entry points. A high temperature is instantly shown on the monitor along with notification via flashing light, audio voice or discreetly via email.

      Thermal image cameras have many uses, for example in Health and Safety to detect numbers of persons in a restricted area, drops in temperature in a Frozen foods section, overheating of industrial conveyor lines or fires hidden in cavity walls before they become visible flames. We also use Thermal Imaging for exterior detection on our RMCCTV systems along boundaries notifying our Officers of persons entering a site long before they can be seen by the naked eye.  

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