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      Request of Change to CCTV Monitoring Service during the Coronavirus (CoVid-19) Pandemic

      Unless otherwise requested, we will continue to provide our CCTV Monitoring services to you, or your site/s, as already agreed.

      However, many business are choosing to shut down their operations and – where we can and if operationally possible – we will try to assist by extending our CCTV Monitoring service hours for you.

      Please complete the following request which will be reviewed the next working day (Monday to Friday from 09:00hrs to 16:30hrs) by a member of the Scorpion team.

        Please detail below, using 24 hour clock formatting (11pm = 23:00) the new monitoring hours you would wish us to adopt:

        Monday hrs hrs
        Tuesday hrs hrs
        Wednesday hrs hrs
        Thursday hrs hrs
        Friday hrs hrs
        Saturday hrs hrs
        Sunday hrs hrs

        During these hours:

        1. The site will be closed and no staff will be on site
        2. All gates/barriers/points of entry will be secure
        3. Any staff wishing to enter on a temporary basis understand the process of calling prior to arrival and quoting the site password.

        If any of the above is not true, then extending monitoring hours may not prove possible.

        Please add any other information (regards contractors etc) that we should be aware of:

        Our team will action your request the next working day and will email to confirm the change or contact you by phone if not possible/discuss further.

        We are doing all we can to adapt and change our service agreements to accommodate your needs at this unprecedented time - we appreciate your patience, co-operation and understanding.

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