Remote Monitored CCTV is the ultimate, proactive and cost effective security deterrent. Having provided this service for over 20 years we are considered experts in this field. 


How it works:

We install a number of HIK IP ColorVu Mega Pixel cameras around your premises which remain in full colour through the darkest night. The cameras create a visual boundary around the property to which we add external movement detectors that alert our in-house 24-hour Control Room at the first sign of intrusion. Whenever your business is closed the system is “armed" and if an intruder enters the site we take immediate action. The intruders are immediately challenged via the installed audio speakers before dispatching our Mobile Patrol and contacting the Police for response. Throughout this time further detail is captured by our Officers to pass onto the Police to help aid an arrest and prosecution.

Watch the video to see a demonstration of the system and service in action.

Further benefits include : 

  • 30 day continuous recording.
  • Smart phone access.
  • Remote open/close of doors and gates.
  • Simple footage play-back and download.
  • Networkable over a secure Broadband or Fibre connection.
  • Annual Maintenance Inspection.
  • Regular visual reports.
  • 24/7 access to our in-house Control Room and Engineer services.


Based in Northampton but covering the whole of the UK we can install a 4 camera Remote Monitored system from £3,500+vat (subject to survey). With annual service fees from £1,200+vat. 

This cost makes RMCCTV the most comprehensive, professional and proactive security solution on the market. 

Here’s just some of the business types our RMCCTV service protects:

  • Car Forecourts.
  • Schools & Municipal buildings.
  • Distribution Centres.
  • Transport Logistics.
  • Business Parks.
  • Commercial units.
  • Storage yards.
  • Large Domestic Properties.
  • Medical Centres.

Many businesses have contracted our RMCCTV to replace their existing manned guarding due to the systems technological advantages over human capability and the benefits in cost, personnel, amenity requirements, H&S and reliability.

For more information and to arrange a quotation contact us here.

Watch our demonstration video to see just how effective RMCCTV can be in proactively protecting your premises.


A standalone CCTV recording system helps visually deter break-ins, but more often than not the footage is always after an incident, damage or theft has taken place.

Remote Monitoring proactively protects your premises. Our team will issue a verbal audio warning and alert the police before an intruder even gets close to the property. This prevents damage, insurance claims and loss of productivity.


With signage to comply with the Data Protection Act and recorded footage to assist in a prosecution, a Remote Monitored CCTV system offers you the reassurance that your property is proactively protected 24/7. Our annual service inspection ensures the system is working to its optimum level and regular contact with our Control Room informs you to any low level concerns.


Our CCTV system and Remote Monitoring service was featured on the BBC and ITV News in 2005 having eradicated repeated vandalism and theft at a School over night. The system and our Control Room technology has developed significantly over the years but the same basic principles still apply today.

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