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      "It's like having a guard on every corner of the building!" Western Power

      Remote Monitored CCTV is the ultimate, proactive, cost effective security deterrent. We install HIK IP ColorVu Mega Pixel cameras which remain in full colour, even through the night. The Cameras create a visual boundary to the premises along with external detectors that alert our in-house 24-hour Control Room at the first sign of intrusion. Immediate action is taken to challenge assailants via audio speakers, dispatching our Mobile Patrol Officers and contacting the Police. 

      Further RMCCTV benefits including: 30 day continuous recording, smart phone access, ability to open and close doors/gates, simple play-back/download facility and networkable over a secure Broadband or Fibre connection.

      A basic 4 camera Remote Monitored system installation starts from £3,500+vat (subject to survey) with annual service fees from £1,200+vat, making RMCCTV the most comprehensive, professional and proactive security solution on the market. 

      Many companies have used our RMCCTV to replace manned guarding due to the benefits in cost, personnel and technological advances.  

      Watch our demonstration video here to see just how effective this system can be in proactively protecting your premises.


      A standalone CCTV recording system helps visually deter break-ins, but Remote Monitoring proactively protects your premises, as our team will issue a verbal audio warning and alert the police before an intruder even gets close to the property preventing damage, insurance claims and loss of productivity.


      From signage to comply with the Data Protection Act through to recorded footage to assist in a prosecution, a Remote Monitored CCTV system offers you the reassurance that your property is proactively protected 24/7.


      Our CCTV system and Remote Monitoring service was featured on the BBC and ITV News in 2005 having eradicated repeated vandalism and theft at a School over night. The system and our Control Room technology has developed significantly over the years but the same basic principles still apply today.

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